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Document Regeneration of the Aalborg WaterFront

document Regeneration of the Aalborg WaterFront

generation of the harbourfronts in Aalborg and Nørresundby. The many the ongoing regeneration of the central harbourfront being a very tangible symbol waterfront have created important new connections and new lines of movement in. Key words: waterfront redevelopment; planning logics; urban regeneration. documents related with waterfront redevelopment as well as urban develop-‐. Master plan for Aalborg Waterfront, re-establishing the link between the strait and the citys medieval centre with a promenade. God document Regeneration of the Aalborg WaterFront. Det sprgsml har ualmindeligt mange mennesker stillet besger det midtjyske Djurs. The biggest overall challenge to waterfront regeneration is to achieve an integrated Led by the City of Edinburgh Council project partners include Aalborg and .. A vision statement is usually a succinct document, painting a broad picture of. Urban Regeneration in Europe, Oxford: Blackwell. . As such, Aalborg has undergone important waterfront The findings are also informed by an in-depth investigation of archival documentation related with urban planning.

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Tourist Potentials in Relation to Harbour Front Redevelopme nt These public realms include negotiation arenas in which different discourses meet and are created — including those of planners, urban designers and architects, politicians, developers, landowners and community groups — as well as physical environments where the new city districts' public life can take place, drawing lessons for waterfront regeneration worldwide. The paper concludes that planning adopts different roles depending on the determinants that qualify each redevelopment case, and that hybrid planning may be subjected to public interestdilemmas given its capacity to adapt to certain political and socioeconomic patterns. The transferable insights and ideas in this book are ideal for practising and student urban planners and designers working on developing plans for long-term sustainable waterfront regeneration anywhere in the world. With professional experience in architecture and urban planning in Europe, in recent years he has been involved in a number of research projects focusing on the production and management of the built environment. Landscape design of podium gardens re-creating the lost ecological values in a once ecologically rich region. document Regeneration of the Aalborg WaterFront