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Corn husking bee en en

corn husking bee en en

a gathering of farm families or friends to husk corn, usu. as part of a celebration. Also called husk′ing. [–10]. Random House Kernerman Webster's. If you got a red ear of corn, you could claim a "forfeit" (a prize) of a kiss from the person of your choice. It was a party game, and a socially. Der er ingen tilgængelig beskrivelse af dette resultat på grund af websitets

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I fairly gasped when he marched across and claimed the kiss that custom gave him for finding the red ear. Switch to Hybrid Mode. Planting seed saved from hybrid corn. corn husking bee en en

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I had plenty of "beaux" as our boy friends were called then, but cared nothing for any of them except as an escort. We can answer yours. For all interested parties The postscript to this letter, too, is flavored with the rude gallantry of the husking-bee. There are currently 1 users browsing this thread. All classes of people seemed to appreciate it alike, and in the earlier settlements this sentiment ordinarily resulted in the jovial old-fashioned " husking bee " in. The husking bee was a work party. It was a way to make jobs that were potentially tedious into fun. Farm people around the world have such. Husking bee definition, a gathering of farm families or friends to husk corn, usually as part of a celebration or party. See more.